Bio: This is the site for African women and children who struggle to make their ends meet under very severe circumstances yet they firmly stand on their own solely by faith.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Let us empower women to empower other women, who will then empower other women, and so on, until all women are empowered. And let us protect our beloved children, who are the future.

    1. Hello Sarah, I am so glad that you were able to enter and comment! If you didn’t I would not know how to make comment. I am still trying to figure out now…sorry, everyone if this is difficult to use. Can anyone give directives?

    1. Hello, I still don’t know how to use this blog. I just clicked this but I do not know where this is going to appear. My name is Hideko. Will you tell me what your name is? I can only see your user name tweenpowerment from my end.

  2. May all women find solidarity with the Nigerian mothers whose 234 daughters have recently been taken and sold as brides. We utter strong prayers for justice and the safe return of these girls — these girls who are the future! May their Voices be heard and may the world respond with loving support!

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