ACT#8 “What is so Bad about Climate Change?”

climate change projection

Listen to this play on the radio! 



(Sound of walking and sudden rain)

TRAVELER1: “Holly caw!  Rain again!  Let’s go there under the tree!”

TRAVELER2: “Isn’t it so strange we get so much rain in this season?”

TRAVELER1: “Yah, this is what they call climate change.  Things normally do not happen, like draught, heavy rain and storm, early blossom, and earthquake happen.

TRAVELER2: “I am not so sure what is so bad about it.”

TRAVELER1: “Do you know what is called Ozon Layers?”

TRAVELER2: “Isn’t that some layers of air covering the earth?”

TRAVELER1:: “Yah, it is supposed to be covering the earth for protection.”

TRAVELER2:: “What kind of protection?”

TRAVELER1:: “From too much harmful UV radiation from the sun.”

TRAVELER2:  ”OK, that is the one brokeng up these days.”

TRAVELER1:: “It has been broken up for decades now to the serious extent.”

TRAVELER2:“In what way?

TRAVELER1:”Breaking up of the layer is causing much of the over-heating on the earth.”

TRAVELER2: ”That is what they call Global Warming!  But can we die from it?”

TRAVELER1: ”Yes, you can die from it. In fact, there have been serious damages and death around the globe.  The problem is you cannot predict what and how will happen.  You hear the story on land slide, earthquake, increase of sea levels, sudden spread of disease because of the heat.”

TRAVELER2: “Have they not been there all the time?”

TRAVELER1: “They were but at the predictable level.  Now you cannot predict how it is going to damage the community earth.  Vulnerable ones are the ones getting the worst hits.”

TRAVELER2: “So how can we prevent it?”

TRAVELER1:”We just need to slow down the depletion of the ozon layer. To do that you need to reduce the amount of waste, environmental pollution, and cutting of woods.   You want to reduce driving cars, use of electric appliance,  coal and plastic, using light bulb or even flashing toilet too. “


TRAVELER1: “Because it is part of producing carbon dioxide.”

TRAVELER2: “I don’t think it is possible to live without them.”

TRAVELER1: “That is the thing.  We are heading for destruction.  The best way to live is to live like cave men.”

TRAVELER2:”Hunting and fishing? “

TRAVELER1: “And farming—without using chemicals.  Looks like the sun is coming…”

TRAVELER2:”Humm, now I get the picture.  Human beings have caused much harm to themselves by inventing technologies.  All those inventions are creating destruction, like cars, train, electric goods and ships, etc.”

TRAVELER1: “It’s time to look at ourselves and live the way we are suited naturally—after all, technologies are used to advance ourselves for selfish gain without much of the thoughts for balancing the earth.”

(Stopping the rain and the sound of birds singing)


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