Act# 10 “How to Rebrand Village Pow Pow?”

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Listen to this play on the radio! 

Mayor Moi Moi
Prof. Pepe

MAYOR MOI MOI: Prof. Pepe our village has very bad image outside the village.  Let’s do something to create good image of Pow Pow.

PROF. PEPE: Yes, I know.  Mayor Moi Moi, Let’s rebrand our village Pow Pow. A few bad villagers had painted black the image of Pow Pow by committing 419 for years.  Don’t worry I will do that. I will let the Ministry of Agriculture to cultivate the land and make a lot of yam, cassava and ground nuts. People in the outside village will see how we are very productive.  I will also ask the Ministry of Fishery to make a big fish pond so that we make a lot of fish.  Finally, I will tell the Ministry of Music & Dance to create a song and dance for Pow Pow, the good people, good village.

MAYOR MOI MOI: That is a good idea!  Please do so that we make good images of Pow Pow!  You are doing great job, Prof. Pepe.   This will reduce people disliking Pow Pow village from outside the village.

(Sound of walking)

BRAINY: Mayor Moi Moi, I have graduate degree on Biology but I cannot find any jobs—in fact, looking for jobs for years after graduation.

Mayer Moi Moi: Sorry Brainy.  We spent so much money for making our village look good.

BRILLIANT: Mayor Moi Moi, I had the highest scores on Psychology but the schools are not hiring me.

MAYOR MOI MOI: Oh dear you too, Brilliant?

BRILLIANT: Brainy, let’s get out of this village. There is no opportunity here.

BRAINY: Yah, we have nothing to do here.

MAYOR MOI MOI: OK Go wherever!

(After three months)

PROF. PEPE: Mayor Moi Moi, look at this newspaper!

MAYOR MOI MOI: Brainy and Brilliant were caught in the Village CHAITEE! They have track records in the Village GREENTEE and ENGLISHTEE! They committed 419 in all these villages!  The article is about their 419!

PROF. PEPE: We did all we could to make our village look good, but it is no good that our children continue committing crimes outside!   Maybe we should paint gold on our Federal Secretariat. It may help our village to look better from outside. Or let’s make a huge monument made of precious stone in the court yard.

MAYOR MOI MOI:  Here are the kids just brought back from the Village CHAITEE.

BRAINY: Hello (ashamed)

BRILLIANT: Hi…(depressed)

PROF. PEPE: You are the shame of our village, Brainy and Brilliant!  Don’t you know we are working very hard to bring our image better?

BRAINY: In the village Chaitee, We had nothing to eat…

BRILLIANT: No one wanted to hire us in Englishtee and Greentee village…

PROF. PEPE: Well, you two went on your own.  These children should be in the prison, right?  Mayor Moi Moi?

MAYOR MOI MOI:….Wait Prof. Pepe.

PROF. PEPE: Mayor Moi Moi!?

MAYOR MOI MOI: No, no, no,…we need to think about how to keep those kids from running away from our village.  Prof. Pepe, we really need to build good village for them to live happily.  It is far better than spending so much on outside looks of the village Pow Pow.  Don’t you think so, Prof. Pepe?


Act#9 ”Business Grow-down Program”

dollras100+growing money

Listen to this play on the radio! 

(In the Office)

GREED: Sorry for keeping you wait, you have a program to show us?

MR SUFFER: Oh yes, let me show you. In these photos, you can see the oil expeller machine I bought from India.

GREED: Wow, it is big. It must be very expensive.

SUFFER: Sure it is 5000 dollars with shipping.

GREED: It has three parts, and can be assembled?

SUFFER: Yes, it is also durable under heavy rain and wind.

GREED: You are applying the Commercial Agriculture Grow-down Fund, correct?

SUFFER: Yes, sir.

GREED: This sure looks good. In fact, it is the best among all others. I can promise you now, the fund will be granted to your company.

SUFFER: Thank you Mr. Greed.

GREED: So…how much are you going to give?

SUFFER: Give what?

GREED:   You know what I am talking about…

SUFFER: No, I don’t

GREED:   (Whisper something)

SUFFER: What….! Bribes! God forbid!  How much do you want?

GREED:   Only 20% will do,…

(1 Month later)

SUFFER: Excuse me,… MR. Greed you said that the fund will be ready this month.

GREED: I am sorry the money is not ready. Next month, I promise it will be ready.

(Next month)

SUFFER: Excuse me,… MR. Greed you said that the fund will be ready this month.

GREED: I am sorry the money is not ready. Next month, I promise it will be ready.

(Next month)

SUFFER: Excuse me,… MR. Greed you said that the fund will be ready this month.

GREED: I am sorry the money is not ready. Next month, I promise it will be ready.

(Next month)

SUFFER: Excuse me,… MR. Greed you said that the fund will be ready this month.

GREED: Mr. Suffer, I understand that you have been waiting for the Fund but Honorable Horrible does not want this loan to be released very quickly.


MR.GREED: Mr. Suffer, this is between you and I because you are my friend. The money you are waiting for is kept in the bank for purpose.  Everyone knows this but keep quiet. The more they extended the waiting period on the loan, the more money they’d rake interest in to line his pockets.

SUFFER: Mr. Greed, what none sense is this? Once the money is released, we hire people and produce with this machine at least 1 million naira a month!

MR.GREED: My friend, they care more about their small money in their pocket than business development to create employment in the country. The government is against economic development.

SUFFER: So you people are offering the Business Grow-Down program just to save petty naira in their pocket?

GREED: Positively, yes.

SUFFER: How many people can wait this long after you said you will grant the fund.

GREED: Not many, and in that case, we return the fund to the Federal Government.

SUFFER: Will you look at the outside through the window. Do you see these youth having nothing to do and wondering around?


SUFFER: They need jobs. All they do is to take marijuana and commit crimes. If our project really starts, I can hire them all.

GREED: Hummm.

SUFFER: Mr. Greed, please give them something to do. They are our future.

GREED: I know that…

SUFFER: What if you are getting old and weak, who will take care of you?


SUFFER: Mr. Greed, let us make good future for youth in Nigeria. Let us not chase them out to do wrongs in any way. We don’t want them commit crime and we don’t want them to leave the country.