ACT#7 “Clean up begins from your kitchen!”


Listen to this play on the radio!

Coke bottle
Plastic Container
Fried Chicken

(Sound of Rain)

HUMBURGER: “You are pushing me too much!  Step back, step back!”

COKE BOTTLE: “Sorry, I know I can be hard…Who are you?”

HAMBURGER: “I am a left over hamburger, the kid who bought me at a first food restaurant did not finish me and threw me into this plastic bag.  Who are you?”

COKE BOTTLE: “I am the coke bottle, the same kid was drinking.  You start to smell real bad, hamburger…”

HAMBURGER: “Sure, I am.  I am trying to die but cannot die in this plastic bag..”

COKE BOTTLE: “Why can’t you die?”

HAMBURGER: “I am a half-dead but because I am not in the soil, I cannot be decomposed.”

COKE BOTTLE: “What is decomposed?”

HAMBURGER: “To go back to the soil, or ground.  If I am outside and beaten in this rain, I should be able to go back soil easy.  And I can feed  plants and trees, but inside this plastic…”

COKE BOTTLE: ”Why don’t I go back to the ground?”

PLASTIC CONTAINER: “You are made of chemical.  So am I.”

HAMBURGER: “Who are you?

PLASTIC CONTAINER:”I am the plastic box that you were inside when the boy bought you.”

COKE BOTTLE: ”I am made of chemicals?  I cannot die?”

PLASTIC CONTAINER: ”Nope.  We stay like this forever.  We are what they call, environmental pollution because we cannot decomposed.  We are just unwanted forever.”

HAMBURGER: “No wonder the community earth is getting dirtier and dirtier.  There are so much unwanted materials that cannot go back to earth.”

PLASTIC CONTAINER: “Well, we will just increase in number because human beings like to make us.  But in your case, you cannot go back to the earth well since you are inside plastic bag.”

HAMBURGER:”I know I can just create bad smell.  I wish I was outside so that I can be the soil again and nurture the trees and plants.  Because I am inside I stay a half-dead…”

PLASTIC CONTAINER: “Yah, if human beings have sense to separate bottles, plastic, and leftover food, that will help.”

COKE BOTTLE: “They won’t understand, they will like to increase the waste…”

HAMBURGER:  “What will happen if the waste continues to increase?”

PLASTIC CONTAINER: “No good..this is the reason why the climate change happen. If they can separate bottles, plastic and leftover food…it will slow down.”

HAMBURGER:  “Yah, and return the food to the ground, you know, people in the old age used to dig pit and throw unwanted food in there.  Oh looks like a new residents arrived here..”

FRIED CHICKEN:  “Hi, I am a leftover chicken…how do I get back to the ground?”


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