Act#6 Witch-craft: The Blame Game?


Listen to this play on the radio!



DAD: I am home.

MOM: Welcome, did you catch any fish?

DAD: No.

JAMES: Daddy, I am hungry.

MOM: What are we eating today?  We have eaten all the plantain.

DAD: What about yam you were making in the backyard?

MOM: None of them are good.

DAD: What?  You had all the 50 yard not producing any yam?

MOM: I don’t know.  I did all I could.

DAD: You must have been lazy, you dirty rat.

MOM: How could you call me like that!

DAD: Look at, we have nothing to eat tonight!

MOM: You didn’t bring any fish!  What were you doing at the lake?

DAD: I don’ know what is happening.  The river was all darkish.

DAD: Fish are no more swimming there.  I am working day and night looking for food, but you!  Look at you!   You haven’t made anything to eat from the farm.

MOM: The land is no good.  Lately, the vegetable or yam are not produced well.

JOHN:I am home.

DAD: John is back!

MOM: John!  How was your new job!

JOHN: I don’t know.  I am exhausted…

(He fall down on the chair)

MOM: What happened?  John?  John?  You look all burned up!

DAD: He doesn’t look good…he looks terrible.  Let us call the doctor.

MOM: Oh, no.  I told him not to work near the oil well…

JAMES: Mom, he is working for the Shell.  He has to go to the oil well.

DAD : No, Mummy, we cannot afford doctors.  We should call a preacher near by.

(Sometime later)

PREACHER: He is very sick.

DAD : Preacher, what do we need to do?

JAMES: Daddy, he is not breathing.

MOM: Oh No! (Cries out)

PREACHER: I knew that he will not last long…

DAD : Why?  Why did you know he would not last?

PREACHER: Because there is a witch in this house.

DAD : Who!

MOM:  Noooo!

PREACHER: You should be very careful of..

MOM: Who is causing all this problems in this house!!!???

DAD : We cannot catch fish, no yam from the yard, sickness of our son…

PREACHER: It is your youngest son, James.

DAD : James!

MOM: How could you do all this horrible thing!

(Sound of slapping the son)

(Sound of child’s cry)

PREACHER: I will pray for the child.  This will be 50,000 naira.

DAD : Oh No!

MOM: If you can get the witch out of James, please do! We will pay the amount no matter whatever it takes!

PREACHER: OK let me take your son.  I will beat the Devil out of him.

(Sound of child’s cry)

(Narrator’s voice)

The poor people in the Niger Delta do not know any better.  Their farm, river are producing no food, there is no heath care facilities and besides they are not educated.  With all the predicament they cannot do better than having wrong doctors and preachers to blame the helpless and vulnerable. But who is to really blame?  Is this the child fault? Or….

(Knock on the door)

Clean-up Person: Hello, hello, anyone at home?  Our community, earth is getting very dirty.  Especially, this Niger Delta, petroleum pollution is causing to kill fish, damage agriculture produce and creating bad health.  Women and children are the worst victims.  As a resident on earth, cleaning up the earth is required for all the residents!


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