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Act #3 Communal Work for the Residents on Earth

Let's cleanup the mess

Listen to this play on the radio!


Clean up Woman on Communal Earth-  Sarah (unless someone else can join us)

Yoruba Woman – Victoria

Japanese Lady – Hideko

British Lady – Kabu

(knocking on a door)

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: Hello, hello, anyone at home?  (more knocking)Are you a resident on Earth?  Our community, earth is getting very dirty.  Cleaning up the earth is now required for all residents of the planet.

YORUBA WOMAN: Who are you?  Where are you from?  I am Yoruba! I am not Japanese! We Yoruba people do not require doing that.  I have nothing to do with it.

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: It doesn’t matter what tribe or nationality you are! Are you ready to do your share of communal activities?

YORUBA WOMAN:  “Yoruba tribe is very clean people.  I am also a Pentecostal.”

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: “Excuse me, but…this is not about religion…”

YORUBA WOMAN:“Madam, I tell you what, go to China or U.S. to tell them to reduce carbon dioxide.   I am busy.  I have work to do.”

(Slams the door)

JP WOMAN: “What happened here?”

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: Oh hello neighbor!  I am going around in the neighborhood on this community earth.  I am a CLEAN-UP WOMAN and am asking everyone on earth to join our communal activity.

JP WOMAN: What is that communal activity?

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: Cleaning up the earth, madam.

JP WOMAN: Oh sorry, I am a Japanese.  See the British lady over there…?  You should talk to her.”

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: No, no, I am looking for any residents on earth.  Will you do the communal activities together?  See, our community is getting very dirty.  We need to clean up the earth urgently or climate change will get to us!

JP WOMAN:  “I do community work with Japanese in my village like making sushi rolls.  Here is the British lady.  You work with her ok? Hello”

BRITISH WOMAN: What is it?

KENYAN WOMAN: “Please listen to her, she needs to do some community work.”

BRITISH WOMAN: Sorry dear, I am very busy and don’t have time for anything.

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: We have to hurry on cleaning up the earth together!  Or you will suffocate yourself with too much carbon dioxide.  (cough)”

(Everyone starts coughing violently and falls to the ground)

oil fire

climate change projection


Act#2 The Exodus


Listen to the play on the radio!

Roles to play:
Ibeatyou Tribe Wife
Mr. Johnson
Mrs. Leina

(telephone rings)
MOSES: Hi, my name is Moses.  I am your online business partner.

IBEATYOU TRIBE WIFE: I do not know you.  How do you say you are my business partner?

MOSES: Because we are going to be partner very soon.  You will not refuse what I am going to offer you.

IBEATYOU TRIBE WIFE: What are you offering?

MOSES: Would you like to be free from beating of your husband, who believes that you are witch, and stigmatizing you in the rest of the family?

IBEATYOU TRIBE WIFE: Humm.  Your offer is impossible my dear.  I was born into this Ibeatyou Tribe and I cannot be free from it.

MOSES: Actually you can.  In fact, you do not have to deal with all that non sense of serving abusive husband while no police ever come to rescue you when you cry out for help—only because you are woman.

IBEATYOU TRIBE WIFE: How could that be possible.  I do not get it.

MOSES What I mean is that you are going to start making your own money without depending upon your husband and one day you pack all belongings and take off for freedom. I will teach you step by step how to get out of all this misery in your life.

IBEATYOU TRIBE WIFE: Let me hear what you are offering.

(telephone rings)

MOSES: Hello, Mr. Johnson.  I am your online business partner.

MR. JOHNSON: I do not know you.  How do you say you are my business partner?

MOSES Because we are going to be partner very soon.  You will not refuse what I am going to offer you.

MR.JOHNSON: What are you offering?

MOSES Would you like to be free from unreliable work force?  I mean they have not paid you, have they?  The government office you worked for does not provide your needs but demand you to do too much work?

MR. JOHNSON: How did you know all that?

MOSES Well I know in this economy.  I will teach you step by step how to get out of all this misery in your life.

MR. JOHNSON: Let me hear what you are offering.

(telephone rings)

MOSES Hello, Mrs. Leina.  I am your online business partner.

MRS. LEINA: I do not know you.  How do you say you are my business partner?

MOSES Because we are going to be partner very soon.  You will not refuse what I am going to offer you.

MRS. LEINA: What are you offering?

MOSES Would you like to be free from your husband.  I mean he has not given you much attention, has he?  And then he says that he will get another wife?

MRS. LAINA: How did you know all that? Yes, he is polygamous.

MOSES: Well I know in this country. I will teach you step by step how to get out of all this misery in your life.

MRS. LEINA: Let me hear what you are offering.

NARRATOR: Moses, the man of God, today’s prophet, taking the leadership of oppressed in Nigeria started on-line business by a piece of mobile phone and Moses rescued them out of slavery to fate, where he encountered the God of Israel in the form of a “burning bush“. After some discussion with God, he came out and contacted this radio show, Global Eco Theater, and now here he is.

(Theme music begin)

EKO: …so we have a guest today. His name is Moses. Moses, will you tell us about yourself?

MOSES “(clearing his throat) Ladies and gentleman, my name is Moses, a prophet in Nigeira. I got a message from God the other day, and here is the deal. God want you to help the oppressed in Nigeria. Particularly, those live under the $1 a day. Please give them some business to do on mobile so that they can make money by using the mobile telephone. Oh, if you give money to government, the money gets lost before it reaches them. Many don’t have computer but only mobile phones. God says he will bless those who can do the needful. Thank you.”

~the end~

Act #1: What is this?

rice with chopsticks無題Grand Canyon

Listen to this play on the radio!


Narrator/Director–Sarah Whitten

Nigerian Husband–Ibukun Onitiju

Japanese Wife/Script–Hideko Nagashima

American Waitress–Victoria Adellegan

Scene I: In Nigerian House

Nigerian Husband: What is this?

Japanese Wife: What is what?  This is just a stout beer bottle right?

Nigerian Husband: You buried this here—in this yard?

Japanese Wife: Oh, yes.  I didn’t know where to throw it so I dug the ground and buried.

Nigerian Husband: Why!?  Don’t you know this will bring bad luck?

Japanese Wife: Oh sorry.  I didn’t know.

Nigerian Husband: What is that?

Japanese Wife: My necklace.  I was cleaning the room and needed to hang it here.

Nigerian Husband: Why!?  Don’t you know this is taboo to hang the necklace at the door?

Japanese Wife:  Sorry…what is wrong with it?

Nigerian Husband: It means very bad…I forgive you since you are Japanese.

 Scene II: In Japanese House

Japanese Wife: What is this!?

Nigerian Husband: What?

Japanese Wife: Why are you sticking the chopsticks on the rice?

Nigerian Husband: I am just keeping them here…

Japanese Wife: Don’t you know it is taboo?  It is bad luck, stop, stop, stop!

Nigerian Husband: Oh…sorry..

Japanese Wife: We are traveling to U.S. next week.  You said you reserved hotel, what is the room number?

Nigerian Husband: No. 4

Japanese Wife: Did you reserve hotel room no. 4?

Nigerian Husband: Oh yah.  There are windows with wonderful views.

Japanese Wife: Don’t you know it is terrible bad luck!  Don’t reserve the room No.4 !  Change it right away!  It is non sense!

 Scene III: In restaurant in Grand Canyon, U.S.

Nigieran Husband:  Look at this Ground Canyon!  Wonderful!

Japanese Wife: It sure is.  Ah!

(Her hand mirror slides off her hands and is broken on the floor.)

American Waitress: Oops, bad luck!

Japanese Wife: Is it a bad luck?

American Waitress: Oh yes.

Japanese Wife: Is there any way to cancel out the bad luck? We have been doing too much bad luck lately.

American Waitress: Oh, yes.  Just keep this.  This will do.

Nigerian Husband: What is that?

American Waitress:  This is a rabbit foot.  We keep it on the key chain to protect us from bad luck.

Nigerian Husband: We have plenty of those at home…I catch rabbits—that is my profession.

American Waitress:  Then you don’t need to worry.  This will cancel all out.

Nigerian Husband:  Cancel all?  Whoa, then why did we worry so much about getting bad luck all this time?

Japanese Wife:  Rabbits’ foot?  Isn’t it a bad luck for rabbits themselves?

Nigerian Husband:  After all, whole things are ridiculous to even think about. Let’s live life without getting involved.

Japanese Wife:  You are right.  I wasted so much time worrying about nothing.

Narrator: Thus, the Nigerian husband and Japanese wife lived life happily ever after without worrying….

power of positiveMotivation-Picture-Quote-Motivation-Jim-Rohn

Welcome to SWACIN’s Global On-line Community!


Welcome to the SWACIN‘s Global On-line Community! You always wished to be part of community to do HUMANISTIC Work with LIKEMINDED individuals around the world? SWACIN, Support Women and Children in Nigeria is such a community. We work together to end violence against women and children in Nigeria. Environmental pollution, Climage Change, poverty, unemployment, lack of food and corruption…they are all linked to the violence against women and children in Nigeria, did you know?  So we are concerned about all these things. Whoa! How can we work on all these things? Why not?  Here is the secret: each of us adds value within limited capacity but amount to the a powerful, global work on the community earth! And over all it is simple.  Hiring the poor people to clean up the oil pollution! That will be done without much confusion. Come and see how we do and meet our amazing members specialized in different fields to approach to the issues.  Here is the link: http://www.swacin.com/#!onlinecommunity/c4kx  And of course, you can do it too!  Here is information on how to become volunteers at SWACIN Inc.