Act#5 “How to Help the Sick Child, Niger Delta?”

Eko (2) nigerian manliberty

Listen to this play on the radio!


Madam Liberty–a woman with American accent

Mr. Royal–a man with British accent

Mr. Green White–a man with Nigerian accent

Miss Fuji–a woman with Japanese accent

Accountant–a man

(Sound of office environment)

Mr. Green White: Madam Liberty, PLEASE help us.  I have many poor children especially this child, his name is Niger Delta.  This one is sick for very long, look at him, he is lean, hungry and got under the influence of worst type of pollution.

Madam Liberty: Mr. Green White, I thought that you are making money from the oil well that you discovered years ago?

Mr. Green White: (Laughing) Madam. Liberty., my friend, I am very sorry.  But the oil well was under the attack of military groups far too long.  We are trying to manage.  Terrorists have disturbed our operation.

Madam Liberty: Mr. Green White, my brother in Africa.  I am sorry to hear all these problems.  Since you are the biggest seller of oil to us, here, take this 600 million dollars.

Mr. Green White: Thank you, thank you Madam Liberty.

Madam Liberty: Mr. Green White, I give you credit for at least trying to work things out.

Mr. Green White: Thank you, Madam.

Mr. Royal : Hello, (With British accent) I am Mr. Royal, I will certainly donate this 260 million euro to you, Mr. Green White.  But I would love to do it in proper way.  I will send it by registered mail delivery to the British Council office in Nigeria by tomorrow 11 AM.  That is all I can do for now. What are you giving to Mr. Green White, my sister, Miss Fuji?

Miss Fuji: Mmmm.   I gave Mr.Green White 1 billion yen last year and asked him to give it to the poor child, Niger Delta.  But Mr. Green White, instead of giving it to his poor child, he took it to himself and bought Rolls Royce, Big houses, and gave a big wedding anniversary for his sister.

Mr. Royal.: What?  How did you find out?

Miss. Fuji: I checked his accounting books.  The auditing was not done properly.  The corrupt auditor certified corruption.

Madam Liberty: Let me see the accounting book.  Mr. Green White, what is this calculation? Are you making fun of your donors?

Mr. Green White: Oops!   I am very, very sorry!

Miss. Fuji: This is what I mean, he had this right here, one office chair, 500,000 dollars.  This is way too much.

Mr. Royal: This is totally improper!

Mr. Green White: Oops!

Madam Liberty: Mr. Green White, so now you got just two office chairs for 1 million dollars.  This is the money for building 3 big houses in the U.S.  It’s not a joking matter.  I am not happy.  We may need to cut down the fund for the poor children.

(Sound of Restaurant)

Mr. Green White:  How could you do this stupid calculation?  Anyone can see that two chairs cannot possibly 1 million dollars!  I am terribly embarrassed!

Accountant: Sir, I am sorry.  I will do better job next time.

Mr. Green White:  At least make it look like it is accurate.

Accountant:  How much are you giving me to make it look like accurate?

(Monologue spoken by Miss Fuji with echo sound)

After all we found one way or another, something wrong with Mr. Green White’s  accounting book.  We could see visibly his child, Niger Delta is becoming lean and lean daily.

We are in dilemma, we cannot give much money to Mr. Green White, but we cannot let Niger Delta die because the child Niger Delta holds key to calming down the climate change…

~The End~


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