Act #3 Communal Work for the Residents on Earth

Let's cleanup the mess

Listen to this play on the radio!


Clean up Woman on Communal Earth-  Sarah (unless someone else can join us)

Yoruba Woman – Victoria

Japanese Lady – Hideko

British Lady – Kabu

(knocking on a door)

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: Hello, hello, anyone at home?  (more knocking)Are you a resident on Earth?  Our community, earth is getting very dirty.  Cleaning up the earth is now required for all residents of the planet.

YORUBA WOMAN: Who are you?  Where are you from?  I am Yoruba! I am not Japanese! We Yoruba people do not require doing that.  I have nothing to do with it.

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: It doesn’t matter what tribe or nationality you are! Are you ready to do your share of communal activities?

YORUBA WOMAN:  “Yoruba tribe is very clean people.  I am also a Pentecostal.”

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: “Excuse me, but…this is not about religion…”

YORUBA WOMAN:“Madam, I tell you what, go to China or U.S. to tell them to reduce carbon dioxide.   I am busy.  I have work to do.”

(Slams the door)

JP WOMAN: “What happened here?”

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: Oh hello neighbor!  I am going around in the neighborhood on this community earth.  I am a CLEAN-UP WOMAN and am asking everyone on earth to join our communal activity.

JP WOMAN: What is that communal activity?

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: Cleaning up the earth, madam.

JP WOMAN: Oh sorry, I am a Japanese.  See the British lady over there…?  You should talk to her.”

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: No, no, I am looking for any residents on earth.  Will you do the communal activities together?  See, our community is getting very dirty.  We need to clean up the earth urgently or climate change will get to us!

JP WOMAN:  “I do community work with Japanese in my village like making sushi rolls.  Here is the British lady.  You work with her ok? Hello”

BRITISH WOMAN: What is it?

KENYAN WOMAN: “Please listen to her, she needs to do some community work.”

BRITISH WOMAN: Sorry dear, I am very busy and don’t have time for anything.

CLEAN-UP WOMAN: We have to hurry on cleaning up the earth together!  Or you will suffocate yourself with too much carbon dioxide.  (cough)”

(Everyone starts coughing violently and falls to the ground)

oil fire

climate change projection

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