Welcome to SWACIN’s Global On-line Community!


Welcome to the SWACIN‘s Global On-line Community! You always wished to be part of community to do HUMANISTIC Work with LIKEMINDED individuals around the world? SWACIN, Support Women and Children in Nigeria is such a community. We work together to end violence against women and children in Nigeria. Environmental pollution, Climage Change, poverty, unemployment, lack of food and corruption…they are all linked to the violence against women and children in Nigeria, did you know?  So we are concerned about all these things. Whoa! How can we work on all these things? Why not?  Here is the secret: each of us adds value within limited capacity but amount to the a powerful, global work on the community earth! And over all it is simple.  Hiring the poor people to clean up the oil pollution! That will be done without much confusion. Come and see how we do and meet our amazing members specialized in different fields to approach to the issues.  Here is the link: http://www.swacin.com/#!onlinecommunity/c4kx  And of course, you can do it too!  Here is information on how to become volunteers at SWACIN Inc.


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